Electronic Shelf Labels

OSI Tags

Optima Systems Inc. proudly introduces Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), a new product that can save time and money for any store that displays pricing. Prices can be changed from an onsite computer or from your head office with just a few clicks. Using fully integratable software, your prices can be changed in your POS/inventory software as well as on the shelf simultaneously. Unlike other ESL, OSI Tags use Electronic Ink which preserves battery life and can last up to 5 years. OSI Tags come standard with black ink and the option to add red. Multiple sizes give you the desired canvas to display your fully customized ESL

Customizable For Your Application

Whether you have 1 or over 100,000 shelf labels, OSI tags and software can cater to all your needs. With multiple tag sizes from 1.54” all the way up to a 7.5” customizable display, you can design OSI Tags with your logo, prices or any message that you want to share. Use one of our multiple mounting options to further customize the look and functionality of your Electronic Shelving Label

OSI Tag Advantage

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) have evolved from LED or LCD technology which consumed immense power and battery life. OSI Tags use Electronic Ink (E-Ink) which require no battery power unless you change what is being displayed. This type of technology allows the batteries to last up to 5 years. Another main advantage with E-Ink is that the display is clearer and can be viewed from wider angles.

Why OSI Tags

OSI Tags provide you with a reliable shelf labeling system that improves your overall accuracy and is done more efficiently and cost effective than manually changing labels. There is no need to rush to put up and take down new shelf labels for sales, our software can be integrated with your POS/Inventory software. This process automatically updates your OSI Tags when you change prices in your POS system. With the ability to change prices instantly, they can be updated at anytime which gives you the flexibility to do special promotions. Finicky printers and expensive paper labels are a thing of the past, Go Green with OSI Tags and save time and money