December 11, 2015

What does Low Lux Rating mean?

Many people ask… “What does LUX rating mean?”

In the world of CCTV and security cameras the term LUX is used to describe how well a camera can capture video on low light. The amount of light is defined by LUX (lumens per square meter). One LUX is the amount of light cast by one candle at one meters space. Here are some examples of common light sources expressed in LUX.

LUX Rating Chart

  • Full sunshine 10,000 LUX
  • Well- lit office 500 LUX
  • Comfortable reading 300 LUX
  • Cloudy 100 LUX
  • Twilight 10 LUX
  • Dusk 1 LUX
  • Full moon .1 LUX
  • Quarter moon .01 LUX
  • Complete darkness 0 LUX



Rule of thumb, if an application includes an area with very little or no light source, select a camera with IR leds.  These will allow you to view in even the darkest of situations as the camera supplies its own infrared (IR) light.

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